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Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM)

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The much-awaited creation of the BARMM

The recently-formed BARMM consisting of 5 provinces, 3 cities, 116 municipalities, 2,590 barangays and 1 special geographic area (SGA) seriously pursues the desired development of the most impoverished region in the Philippines, despite its rich natural resources. In order to help usher such noble goal, the geopolitical landscape has to be properly organized using state-of-the-art, digital infrastructure to ensure success.

A central directory-portal and web-platform system serving as all-in-one, one-stop media repository profiling key entities under its jurisdiction, both private and public, to connect and inform various stakeholders for better record access by an audacious technical enabler for enhanced competitiveness will establish much-needed online presence urgently bringing modern technology benefits to address present-day challenges as internet activities become prevalent in today’s society empowering the autonomous region to be right on top of the health crisis brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic now impacting the Philippines and the world as a whole.

5 Provinces
2,590 Barangays
1 Special Geographic Area

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√TAKE PART: Do your share to help in nation-building during this trying times of the Covid-19 global pandemic by empowering BARMM through online visibility to achieve needed traffic.

We provide affordable offerings with high initial discounts, fast, easy to use web-related infrastructure, such as: “barmm.ph” domain, world-class webhosting, web design & development (optional), with helpful funding and/or incentive programs to enable MSMEs to achieve online presence in just days! Carpe diem.


Regarding etymology, “Bangsamoro” as a recently coined term is derived from the Old Malay word "bangsa" ("race" or "nation") and "Moro" (the collective term for the various predominantly Muslim ethnic groups in the Philippines, from Spanish for "Moors") which means “nation of the Moro.” Bangsamoro, officially the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao or BARMM (Filipino: Rehiyong Awtonomo ng Bangsamoro sa Muslim Mindanao; Arabic: منطقة بانجسامورو ذاتية الحكم‎ Munṭiqah banjisāmūrū dhātiyyah al-ḥukm), is the only Muslim-majority autonomous region in the country located in southern Philippines serving as the home of Muslims who fight for self-determination for a progressive region in pursuit of functional and genuine autonomy with more powers devolved from the national government guided by moral governance in Mindanao. The purpose of its creation is to act as a “major step forward” to achieve just and lasting peace considering its elusiveness due to conflicts and wars rooted on perennial disputes over ancestral land and religion. It presents a huge potential to make significant strides to push substantial growth rates in the regional economy by installing necessary conditions for sustained socio-economic development suitable to the aspirations of its people and systems of life by providing needed goods and services to communities. Overall, the Bangsamoro government has to attain “unity in diversity” in pursuit of genuine, meaningful and stable autonomy by facilitating appropriate partnerships and ensuring multi-stakeholder participation.

BARMM will have an “Intergovernmental Relations Body” composed of representatives from both the Bangsamoro government and national government that will strengthen collaborative relations. Under such representation, nine (9) reserved powers would be authorized for the national government retained over constitutional and national matters such as foreign affairs and defense, 57 exclusive powers for the Bangsamoro, and 14 concurrent powers for both. Some matters including budgeting, administration of justice, agriculture, disaster risk reduction and management, ancestral domains, human rights, local government units, public works, social services, tourism, and trade and industry are the exclusive powers the Bangsamoro government will have. Currently in transition until 2022, the Bangsamoro government has been considered a testing ground for the wider debate on constitutional reform and federalism in the Philippines.

Vision & Mission: The Bangsamoro that is united, enlightened, self-governing, peaceful, just, morally upright, and progressive. Guided by moral governance and in pursuit of genuine and meaningful autonomy, the Bangsamoro Government ensures the necessary conditions for enduring peace and sustained socio-economic development suitable to the systems of life, needs, and aspirations of its people by providing services to communities, ensuring multi-stakeholder participation, and facilitating appropriate partnerships.

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  1. Authorized Officers of Respective Stakeholders;
  2. Umbrella Organizations, Unions &/or Federations;
  3. Government Agencies &/or Heads of Departments; and
  4. Donor / Sponsor – “Adopt an BARMM Unit Website” Program.
    BONUS: Rebate, Refund, Credit, Incentive & Reward, etc.

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